Monday, January 15, 2018

trial fitting the doors

Sunday I went to the shed to trial fit the soft doors and took some other stuff with me what I had finished. The entrance door looks OK, I only want to check if I can get other runners for the zippers with a grip on both sides. The corners of the toilet door where to tight for the zipper so I have to find a different solution for that. On the end of the day we installed the motor. Today I did get some steal work so I fitted some tonight.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

making some softdoors

I started with sanding the sliding hatch and give it some paint, this was necessary because I glue some small piece to the front to close it better. I then started with the construction of the soft entrance door after some stitching and measurement in the shed the door is almost finished. I have to look if all is OK as I wanted to finish it. The last time we where in the shed we made also a mold for the toilet door and at home I cut it out of the fabric and put on one side bolt rope tape to fit it in the tubes of the entrance.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Making the NMEA 2000 bus ready

I started with painting the genaker pole and the mast transport block orange in our garage. I then went over to the shed to make the NMEA 2000 bus ready. The backbone is now ready and functioning and equipment can be connected. I already tested the VHF and the AIS if the GPS information was coming through at the VHF. I then update the firmware of the AIS with the app on my phone. I made a light in one of the lockers were the battery charger is located so I could better see what is happening and installed the end plates for the sliding hatch what I also altered a bit and need a bit of filler and paint. In the afternoon we both some bisonyl to make some door panels. As last thing I gave the boom a second layer of paint.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Painting and coating parts

The waiting is on some big parts what are on order or on fabrication before we can finish, for now I do the small jobs as cleaning out the boat of most of the stuff and paint and clear coated some parts.

Friday, January 5, 2018

putting the cables back in the cable ducts

First you all a very good 2018 sailing season. Around the end of the year I had some flue so I did not so much we only puled open some cable ducts to see if we could fit the VHF and NMEA2000 cables in it also. After stripping some signal cable for the mast lights it was possible to put it in but I had nu NMEA2000 cable so it had to wait to close the ducts. I put some carbon on some tubes but I show that later. I made a sort of setup for the clutches with some old ones so I could order some.
Today I put the cables in the ducts and fit some connectors, I still have not all the parts of the NMEA2000 bus because they are on order. Now the ducts are closed it looks much better.

Monday, December 25, 2017

small jobs with tubes

Yesterday I did some preparation for the table and the front trampoline tube. The genaker pole did get some enforcement in the inside to mount the constrictors. Today I drilled some holes for the constrictors. The table tube did not feel strong enough so I glued some foam panels under the table to give it more strength. I also started with a mast transport block what fits in the pulpit. In the afternoon I drilled some holes and fitted some tubes in the hammerhead tubes. These holes will be used to fit the trampoline lines to the floats.