Saturday, April 30, 2016

clear coat

I first started to give the toilet and wash bowl a clear coat with a fast harder and I the filled some panels. In the afternoon I did the same again.

Friday, April 29, 2016

washbowl preparation

The washbowl had two spots were the laminated had a air pocket and on the place where the dryroll will come the laminate did not stuck on the edge. I repaired this with an injection needle and to put some epoxy under the laminated. After this was dry the result looked very good, tomorrow I will give the wash and toilet bowl a clear coat of special epoxy. After the work on the washbowl I started to work on the panel in the front to make it fit again, when that was solved I put some filler on the last spots in the front. With the the rest of the filler I did the kitchen top and front panel. On the end I started with sanding the panels what I did before.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kermit green

Today we were free because of the King's birthday, so we did some final tapping's in the inside. We started with the front hatch where the water bag will come, this had to get some tape on the edges. We then gave the washbowl a nice carbon laminated with some Kermit green peel ply. This roll of peel ply was cheaper than the one I normally had. The next tape was the edge of the kitchen top. The two storage spaces under the bunks had to get a tape to and a place in a corner where I did forget a little piece before. We finally filled the edges of the panel for the front. Fetske went home after the tea break and I did a little sanding to see how the surface  was after some sanding and it looks already nice.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

more filling

Because I had to work yesterday evening I could take some hours free in the afternoon today to do some filling again.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Doing the Blues

The title is not the mood I am in but the color of the filler I have applied to the inside. So far I applied 1,2 kg of the filler and still have to do some more as you can see in the movie. Filling is hard working to get a thin layer, so after my last batch I quit to give my arms some rest. On the end I filled some edges with putty on the top of the wash bowl so that I can later apply some extra layer carbon on top and to the front.
Wednesday we can do some filling again because we have Kings day.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Glued the wash bowl in place

In the morning we went to Thrill Seeker, we put it last week in the water again. We installed the main on its tracks, cleaned the inside and put the cushions in. It was only 8 a 9 the grades so no nice sailing wetter. We went home to do some work on Triller, we did take the dryroll from Thrill Seeker so I could cut a hole in the wash bowl front. I did not know exactly if it could fit and with the real one in hand I could see if I had room enough where I wanted to cut the hole. With some putty and two tapes on the inside it was glued in place. I have forgotten to take some pictures after the gluing. When that was done I prepared the front to do some fairing tomorrow.

Friday, April 22, 2016

painting white

I taped around the water bowl drain first and then after some sanding I painted the back under the cockpit. The carbon tapes had still to be painted white. I did this with some DD paint and some aerosil in it, this gives it a mat finish, fills the pin holes and almost in one go white. I did get this trick from Gary who did this in his F36 Noreen. I did also the inside step-up to the front with the last rest of paint.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

sealed of the holding tank

I started with the drain for wash bowl to make it flat with the outside and inside, when I had finished that I glued the top of the holding tank in place with some temporary screws in the corner. In the afternoon I made some foam triangles to put them around the fill pipe for the holding tank so it can be taped with carbon to. Fetske did cut all the necessary pieces carbon to tape the tank and the entrance. When that was ready we put some putty in the corners and tape over it. As a final job we did the floor on the back where the entrance is. This was specified and we taped directly with the same carbon the vertical panel from the kitchen to the floor.

Friday, April 15, 2016

peeling of the peel-ply from the inside

In the morning I started with give the holding tank its final coat of epoxy with a mixture of glass bubbles so it gets a smoother surfaces. When that was done I made a hole for a pipe for the water bowl drain. In the afternoon I started with peeling of the peel-ply from the inside and scraping and sanding the edges so it can have a filler in a short time. The things what have to be done before we can do that is glue and tape the holding tank and on the same time tape the other side of the entrance rim. Glue and tape the water bowl in place. Place an extra layer of carbon on the floor on the back and tape the kitchen panel in the same time.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

taped the backside of the front entrance rim

In the morning we gave Thrill Seeker a anti fouling layer on the other side and in the afternoon we taped the back of the front entrance rim. We put a tube on the top of the washbowl to have a nice top edge what will be laminated over later. I had some left over Interprotect, I decided to put that in the holding tank to give it a smoother surface. The toilet bowl have to get a nice clear coat.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

glued the air vent for the holding tank in place

In the morning we went to Thrill Seeker to give one side some anti fouling, we had to fold out a little that's why we only did one side. On the end of the day we did some little work on Thriller as the air vent, grinding of some carbon from the water bowl panel. The toilet bowl need some more hardening before I grind away the carbon on the edges, maybe tomorrow. Fetske did some touch up of paint on the rudder and boom of Thrill Seeker, I have them on this place because it is a little warmer.
On the last picture you can see the rim from the Oceanair dryroll toilet paper holder, This will placed later there.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Laminated the toilet bowl over with a extra layer carbon

The toilet bowl did need an extra thin layer of carbon to cover the front and the seams on the top. I first glued a PVC tube on the underside of the front panel to get a nice round edge and maybe I put a curtain on it. I made a front panel for the water bowl from scrap pieces of foam glued together with PU construction glue. I first glued it to the top and when it was dry I laminated it also to the top, the front has still be done. I gave the air tube for the holding tank also a layer carbon so it can be laminated in place the next time. I put a ridge of foam and carbon for the water bowl in place so it can be later glued on top of it, there is hardly place to laminated under their later.