Friday, June 30, 2017


Yesterday I first went to Stainless Products to order a mast support and a pull-pit, in the afternoon we transported the center hull to its new shed this will also the place were it will be assembled with the rest if they are finished. For the rest of the day we cleaned out the other shed a bit and  made some supports for the floats so that they can be placed in various positions. Today I cut the foil case open and some bow eyes what were laminated over. We are planning to laminated some carbon in the foil case tomorrow

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

reorganized the shed

 In the morning I made some drawings off the pulpit like we have on Thrill Seeker. Tomorrow I am going to Stainless Products to let it make together with the mast support.
In the afternoon Fetske and I reorganized the shed for the floats. We first started with making the second floor complete again so it was easier to lower the floats. The floats are now on the floor again and I am going to make some cradles for them so it is easier filling and sanding.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The big move

We started with looking how easy it was rolling or if we needed some extra wheels. To our sure price the boat did move very easy so we did give it a try to get to the door. The boat did just stuck under the door opening so we pulled it back and put it a little more on its side. This time it was ok and we had a 1 cm left on the sides and scraped some paint from the door post but not from the boat. We place some hardboard panels on the tiles so that it was easier moving. When we turned the boat we could place the trailer under the nose but it was still on its side. We asked two workmen what were in the neighborhood to help us to turn it over. With the two extra men the boat was quick turned over. Now we could hoist the boat on its trailer, first we did do it with the brakes on the trailer and pulling the boat but we come on the idea that it was better to pull the trailer under the boat and that worked very well with the chain hoist. The boat sits very nice on its cradle, I only have to adjust the trailer winch pole but that can be done later. We drove the boat to our home were it will stay the night outside and tomorrow it will be moved to its new shed were it can be assembled later when the floats are ready. We are glad that is out of the shed and on its trailer and this give me some more night rest 😌. Fetske did say I maybe pulled the boat several times out of the shed last night 😉.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Preparing for the big move

Fetske and I prepared the hull so that it can be transported out of the shed tomorrow. First we jacked it up with some chain hoist and put it on its side. In the afternoon we made a large trolley from the wood that was left of the strong back. After lifting the hull up again we did slide the trolley under the hull again. Tomorrow my friend Rob is coming to help me to get it on the trailer. The painter from the shed next to us is also coming to help a hand with some tools he have.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

cleaning out the inside

The last days I spend on the electric and some other small thing I wanted to do before we get the boat ready to get out of the shed. The lights all work now, some cable ducts have to be closed but that can be done if the battery loader is connected to so that the cables can be tucked away. I made a picture of the amperes with all the lights on. The gas throttle is now connected to the cables and finished. Coming week we try to make the boat ready to get it out, it has to be put on its side because the door is to narrow and it has to go diagonal. I have to make some struts to transport it out of the shed.