Sunday, January 29, 2017

fitting the foot pump

I started with sanding the putty edges of yesterday and than did a fit of the foot pump, it fits very nice and I only needed two screws to secure it because of the tide space. I first thought I had to make a apart front for it but the cut out fits nicely, only some Sicaflex is necessary. I than started with drilling some holes for the tube what goes from the SP unit to the toilet. The Origo is now fixed to with a pair of screws. In the afternoon we painted the upper side for the last time and some toughs ups on the inside. Before leaving I painted the other side of the dagger board orange.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Yesterday we did some shopping and get our trailer again. Today I did some small things like trial fitting hoses and making a rest for the foot pump and a hole in the front of the kitchen. This hole will we partial sealed. The hole had to be so big to fit the foot paddle through it and to turn the pump. We also place the cradle outside on the trailer and the front panel has to be a little smaller.
After the lunch I started with the trailer, after some cutting of the frond rest I could measure the wide of the aluminum strips I have to order to bold the cradle to the trailer. After the tea break I went to shed again and did some putty in some holes and started sanding of the rudder plug. Fetske did some sanding of the side of the hull so we can paint that tomorrow. I routed the lock a bit deeper in the anchor locker so it can better grip the underside. On the end I sanded the dagger board also with 320 and gave the plugs and the rudder a nice collar orange.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Drilling holes in the anchor locker

In the morning I did some shopping at my hardware supplier Stainlessproducts and A+ rigging to get some bolts and cleats. In the afternoon I drilled the holes for the cleats in the anchor locker and the hinges. I also did glue some tube and did a trial fit of the folding kitchen table.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

slow progress

Today was very cold so we could not paint or epoxy things. So we started with measuring the screws and bolts what we need to buy tomorrow. We took the rudder plug home and placed if for the heater to harden it more. We then went to Thrill Seeker to get a look how it was standing and if we need to do some thing because we get some visitors for it Wednesday. When we got home I did get to the shed again and did take the rudder plug with me and sanded it. When it was smooth I did give it another layer of primer. For the rest of the time I did some small jobs like drilling holes and gluing some PVC pipe for the toilet.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Drilling holes for tubes

Today I started with the rudder plug to sand it and give it a layer of primer. But before I could prime it I had to warm the shed more because it was only 6 grade Celsius at that time. So I decided to drill some holes for the water tube and the holding tank tube. The tube for the water had to go true the locker so every bottom of the locker had to be drill true. I did some trial fit of the tube and it looks OK now, I only have to seal the foam with some epoxy. In the afternoon I drilled the holes for the escape hatch, the mast base. I glued on the back were the hinges are some little triplex piece to give the crews more holding ground. As last thing I drilled the holes for the locker hinges. some were in between I put also a filler on the rudder plug.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Started with the rudder plug

Yesterday morning I drilled some holes and mounted some hinges and some other small stuff. In the afternoon Nico and some friends from sailing did come for a dinner with us and Nico brought a nice percent in the form of a routed MDF rudder plug. It has the form in steps of 0,6 mm so I don't have to sand much. Today I started with the plug and Fetske did sand the hull. I draw some lines in the corners of the routed edges. This was a trick of Nico so you can better see with sanding if you are there. Drawing the lines did almost take more time than the sanding. I think I sanded the plug in form in 15 minutes per half. When that was finished I started helping Fetske with sand the hull. In the afternoon we cleaned the sanded hull to put another layer of paint on it. I also did put some paint on the MDF, but that was sucked in the MDF. If that is dry I can put some filler on some imperfections the router did made and the screw hole.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Drilling holes in the beam mounts

The paint from yesterday looked already good but not hard enough to sand so I started with making a mold for drilling the holes in the beam mount at the exact location. When I did get the mold I started to draw lines where the holes had to come. I first drilled with a small bit, because you can drill more exact on the spot. In the afternoon I started with a bigger drill bit. This is a slow process because of the thick carbon. After a tea break I grinned some carbon away so the compression piece did fit nice.
I also did look how the compressor did fit in the small space near the SP unit. This compartment can be completely sealed with the Anderson deck plates so if there is a leak there is no problem at all.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Painted the upper outside of the hull with first layer

I took some hours free in the afternoon to paint the deck and the side with a first layer of DD paint.
Fetske did the sides and I did the deck, on the end I did some spots on the inside.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

small jobs

Today I did a lot of small things, it does not look much but takes a lot of time. I started with looking at the clear coat from yesterday and it looks rely good, it needs an other layer of it to finish, but it is still to soft to sand it light. I then drilled some holes to hang the fridge module on the top with some screws. This was temporary because the inside needs another layer of paint. Fetske did come a little later and did some sanding of the primer by hand. The primer is not hard enough to do some more sanding. In the afternoon I started with drilling holes for the main sheet traveler. We then made a grove in the tube of toilet entrance so a soft door can be placed in the grove. On the end we painted the inside, there were still some places left what did need some paint. Still not finished because we could not do every thing others we did toughs the paint.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

clear carbon art

Yesterday morning I sanded the window edges and in the afternoon we brought our trailer back to make him on the right wide. Today we did a lot of sanding on the outside, In the afternoon Fetske did start with another layer of primer and I started with some carbon art pieces to paint them with blank epoxy. When I was finished I help Fetske with the rest of the primer.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Filling the window edges with putty

This morning we had a slower start than normal 😉 because of yesterdays evening. Fetske did start with dremmeling the window edges and Rob and I dremmeld some room for the winches so that they can be more placed to the inside. This is for the spray hood later, we did this the same with Thrill Seeker. Then Rod did help Fetske with the window edges and I started with filling them with some putty. I did only the underside and the sides because I did need an other mixture with some more aerosil in it because the other stuff with micro fibers did not hold enough. Fetske and Rob did some sanding after the edges. After lunch Rob went home and we did go to the shed again to finish the top edges of the windows. While I was doing that Fetske did mark all the spots what do need some attention, some is only some more sanding others need some more filling.