Saturday, March 31, 2018

almost ready

Yesterday Rob helped me with making the jib track ready. Did took some time because when I laminated the parts I fixed some things with M6 bolts and now we mounted it with M8. On the end of the day we had it ready and we glue some glass tubes in the holes with epoxy. Today I assembled the jib track and put some Sikaflex under mast base and the supports. We also put some carpet on the trailer float supports so that they can put on the trailer tomorrow. We did a lot other small things too like some paint on chain plates, making the long load sign and making fenders. On the end off a long day we put the name on the boat.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

making the trailer float supports

I started in the morning with the front chain plates but the epoxy was still tacky, it was probably to cold so I put the heater on it and that did the trick. I than started with measuring the bolts I need for the jib track to mount. In the afternoon I did some shopping by my friend Marco for some bolts and some stainless for the trailer float supports. After returning I drilled some holes in the wooden supports for some bolts and fit the hinges on. Tomorrow I put some carpet on them and then they can be put on the trailer. On the end I put a silicon sealer around the edges of the solar panels so the water can not get under them. Fetske put a second layer of paint on the jib track supports so that they can be mounted tomorrow to.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

painting the supports

I started the morning with sanding the supports and put a filler on it, I than went to the shed to cut a grove in the front chain plates for the attachment of the furler. After lunch I glued some glass plates to the sides of the grove, this all did take some time to do and I forgot to take some pictures of it. I then went home to sand the filler on the supports and gave them a paint job and did the case for my tablet to.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Laminated the deck mounts for the supports

Yesterday I laminated the deck mounts for the support by putting some plastic on the deck and laminated over that so I could easy remove it when the epoxy was dry. Today I took them of the deck and made the the right size and put some more carbon on the joins of the deck and the support connection. I also put some extra carbon on the supports what will be mounted on top of the organizers, at the moment difficult to see how they will look but they have to be cut to the right size.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

laminated the jib track supports

In the morning I started with sanding the foam of the supports I clued together yesterday, they will only be used as molds to laminated against it. I did use foam instead of wood because it is easy to shape and to cut. When that was than I made some smaller supports on the bottom and some for on my organizers. I the put tape on them and some wax. In the afternoon I cut some pieces of carbon and made a vacuum bag. After a short tea break Fetske did help me with putting the carbon on the molds and placing them in the bag. Planning is to make the lower half of the big supports tomorrow on the deck. I put some plastic in between so when it is dry I can take it of and put some more carbon on the inside and make a nice triangle what can be clued and screwed on the deck.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

started with the jib track supports

In the morning I started first to alter the side stays of the genaker boom from 1:2 to 1:1 to make it easier to put it from the side stored folded position to the front. I also put a cover over the dyneema on the ends to get grip in the constrictors.
In the afternoon I started with making supports out of foam for the jib track supports. On the end of the day the customs dropped by to check the paper worked to get a form that we did pay tax over the boat.

Friday, March 23, 2018

small things take some time

Last weekend my lithium start battery did arrive. I did some small things like splicing and fitting lines and Rob did assist me with that. I also made a drain hole in the water ballast tank. The Sunday I had to work so the progress was not that big. This week my jib track did arrive and now I have to find out how I am going to fit it on the deck. Today I did some splicing again, this is time consuming.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

case for navigation tablet

Last weekend I glued the back to the case and tonight I cut a hole in the side of the case so I could slight the tablet in, I only have to drill two holes in the front for some buttons and some holes on the bottom to let the water out. When that is done I can give it some color.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Glued the solar panels in place

Friday I did some lashing blocks and to splice some lines on it takes some time, in the afternoon I did go to Stainless to let them fabricate some stuff for the trailer and the mast raising installation. After that we did go to our rigger Tuned to talk about some details and when the must could be placed. We set the datum for the launch on the weekend of one April. Then there is one week left before the mast will be stepped. Saturday I glued the solar panels in place and did some other small jobs because we did not have the hole day. Sunday we painted the anti-slip around the solar panels to match the edges. I replaced a temporary raising line for the motor for a dyneema one and placed it more to the side to hold it more stable during raising.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

laminating a carbon plate

Yesterday I only made a mold for a holder for my navigation tablet and cut some cloth to laminated I did find it to cold to do much more. Today we laminated a carbon plate what will be used to cut out two pieces for the jib to support the corner for the self tacking jib. We laminated also the holder for the tablet. When that was finished we went to the shed to cut the dynema wires to length were the trampoline was fixed with, we used a hot knife from my sail maker for that.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Fitting constrictors on the beams

Yesterday and today I picked-up some hardware to mount the constrictors on the beams. Today also the wind-sensor did come back from a firmware update to get it working with the Honeywell sensor. The dagger board up and down lines are now installed and I installed the line for the motor rudder link. I made some trial line to see how long I have to make the loops for the low friction rings to guide the lines for the genaker boom.