Sunday, October 29, 2017

Painted the cockpit floor

Fetske started with cleaning the floor from all the dirt spots and I drilled some holes threw the carbon of the remote tiller tube. We did need the tiller tube to mask the floor so that there is no anti slip under it. I than drilled the holes for the U-bolts to support the trampoline wires in the corners, there is a lot tension on the corners and the U-bolts take some off it over from the tubes. After I cut them to length Fetske did help to install them. In the mean time Fetske was masking the floor. In the afternoon I installed the shore power connector and worked the cable away in the top corner with some ti-reps. After the tea brake I helped Fetske with the masking tape and Fetske did prepare the painted. As last job Fetske did paint the floor.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Making molds for the cushions

I had to work in the morning and after that I did some shopping for some carbon sleeve for over the remote tiller tube. After the lunch I started with making molds for the cushions so that they can be made and Fetske did some sanding of the cockpit seats because they were a little bit ruff . Fetske started with mixing the painted just before the tea brake. After the brake Feske started with the painting of the cockpit seats for the second time and I filled the edges for the shore power hole.
We then went home and laminated the remote tiller tube with the carbon sleeve.

Friday, October 27, 2017

anti-slip on the cockpit seats

I started with cutting the air pipe for the wast tank, it was a strait one and the hose was in the way of the pump handle so I put a corner pipe on it. I installed the Amstrong deck plates on the floats what was easy. I then installed the plates for the rods of the upper folding strut with silicone kit and an M6 bold . I used also some silicone kit on the plates that fit in the beam. In the afternoon we installed the glass plate on the Origo stove. Yesterday installed the glass fiber rods for the trampoline tubes on the front today I did the back.  I made a hole for the shore power connector on the back, the edges have to be filled tomorrow. As last job we did the anti-slip on the cockpit seats and tomorrow the second layer.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

putting some hardware on the floats

I started the morning with mounting some pad-eyes on the floats, on the end of the morning I sanded the remote tiller tube, it is now ready to put a layer of carbon on it to make it a little stiffer.
In the afternoon I put some cover plate on the beams to seal the rod for the upper folding strut but I forgot to take a picture of it. I than started to mount the float hatches. Weill I was doing that Fetske came to assist me. She made the paint ready and cleaned some spilled Sikaflex. When the paint was ready she painted the the top off the beams for the second time.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

put the first layer ant-slip on top of the beams

I took some hours free this afternoon to put some anti-slip on top of the beams with Fetske and give the dagger board some paint. Monday and Tuesday in the late afternoon I did some prep work for the anti-slip like putting masking tape on the beams and cut round corners in the tape, the shed is not so well lighted so I only could work for one and a half hour before it was to dark to see that good.
Tomorrow I put another layer on it and then the masking tape can be removed.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Painted the float deck for the second time

We started with sanding the dagger board down a bit because the fit was a little to tight. When we where satisfied we painted on side orange again. I worked also on the rudder remote tiller tube and that one is now almost finished before it gets a carbon tube over it to make it a bit stiffer. On the end of the day while Fetske was doing the float decks for the second time I started making molds for the cushions on the inside. When Fetske was finished we pulled the masking tape away.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

painting the deck off the floats

Thursday and Friday I worked on the rudder and the dagger board but did not take pictures. We also started yesterday with masking tape to put the lines for the anti slip deck on it. Today I had to work in the morning and we should paint the deck after I returned but it all went different. An Internet modem what was turned of did not come up after we replaced the UPS. I had to wait the hole afternoon on a service engineer to bring a new one because the other one was defect. In the meantime Fetske did the rest of the preparation of the decks and when I phoned her that I was not home before lunch she started with the painting off the deck to. At work I received some nice pictures of what she had done, I am a lucky guy and love her 😍.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Drilling some new holes in the dagger board

I took the afternoon free to do some small yobs, I started with drilling some new holes in the dagger board because I made a little error with the rope channel what was 26 mm more to the back and the lines of the dagger board did not line up. After that was done I cut some tubes and glued a smaller tube in the bigger tube so that a knot will fit in the bigger tube and the line will pass threw the smaller tube. The tubes will be clued in the dagger board later. I glued also some glass fiber to the remote tiller tube so that it can be bolted to the rudder bracket. On the end I mounted some U-bolts on the float side for the brace wires.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

fitting the compression pad shims

Yesterday we had other things to do so no progress from that day. Today we cleaned some excessive glue from Friday and I made the compression pad shims fit and installed them, Fetske did some paint around the beams on the floats and I made some U-bolts to length for the entrance lock.

Friday, October 13, 2017

glued the beam struts to the main hull

In the morning I did cut some compression shims what will be later used on the compression pads.
In the afternoon Fetske and I glued the beam struts to the main hull, we had first the plan to do half of the struts but it went quicker than expected so we did them all.