Friday, October 27, 2017

anti-slip on the cockpit seats

I started with cutting the air pipe for the wast tank, it was a strait one and the hose was in the way of the pump handle so I put a corner pipe on it. I installed the Amstrong deck plates on the floats what was easy. I then installed the plates for the rods of the upper folding strut with silicone kit and an M6 bold . I used also some silicone kit on the plates that fit in the beam. In the afternoon we installed the glass plate on the Origo stove. Yesterday installed the glass fiber rods for the trampoline tubes on the front today I did the back.  I made a hole for the shore power connector on the back, the edges have to be filled tomorrow. As last job we did the anti-slip on the cockpit seats and tomorrow the second layer.

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