Sunday, February 26, 2017

Painted the under side

In the morning my dad did come by to look at the boat, so I started a bit later. I drilled out some holes were the glass fiber tubes were placed. I than wanted to place some winches but did come to the conclusion that my bold were to big to fit in the plastic buses. I had M8 and it must be M6. So that have to be done later. I also had not the right bits and bolts and we decided it was time for lunch. After the lunch we glued the back of the rudder mold with piece of scrap foam, I had a lot and most of it is gone now. After the drying of the PU glue we filled the the holes with PU foam, this time the PU foam could rise. The last yob for the day was the final layer of paint on the underside, this was not good so it had to be done ones.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mounting the beam mount hardware

I started with the rudder mold to loosen it from the table, getting it loos from the was not so big problem and the plug went out also smooth but then I saw that the PU foam had pushed the plug out of the mold and that that the profile was not OK anymore. We decided to get the back planks of to see if we could still salvages the mold. Luckily when the back came of with some fores the profile did come back again. I now have to make a different solution. On the end of the day we made some sides to the mold. This gives more stability and we put some foam in it tomorrow but this time I let it rise free with noting on top. After clearing the mold we clued some glass fiber tubes in place. In the afternoon we glued the beam mount hardware in place. All the small things take some time to do and on the end of the day you think is this all we have done

Friday, February 24, 2017

More work on the rudder mold

In the morning I picked up some tubes and some bolts. In the afternoon I constructed the back of the mold to give it some extra strength and filled the space in between with some PU foam threw some small holes. We cut some glass tubes to isolate the carbon from the RVS and give some extra pressure strength.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

mounting deck hardware

Today Rob did come to assist me whit mounting some deck hardware. The hatches are only glued with Sikaflex 291i. The screws will be fit later so that there is enough Sikaflex under the windows and not pressed out by the screws. I used the clamps to control the pressure.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Laminating the rudder mold

We started with laminating the rudder mold this all went smooth but the vacuum was not so success. I only did get 0,15 bar. I did check every thing on the pump but could not find the problem. Luckily we laminated very good so it shoot not be a big problem. This all cost us some time so we did have a late lunch. We then did some masking tape on the deck what did take some time to and on the end it was already 18:30 before we did the anti slip and we had to make another badges because we had not enough. We finished on 20:30.

Friday, February 17, 2017

wrapping the rudder plug

Fetske painted the deck where no anti slip is coming so that we can paint the anti slip this weekend on the deck. Today I prepared the the rudder plug. I screwed the plug to the table and we wrapped it with vinyl. This was the first time for us and it was harder to get it right than it looks on the Internet when you see some guys wrap a car. It all looks so easy. We are also planning to do the sides of the boat to with the vinyl but with a different collar. Lucky the sides off the boat don't have sharp hollow corner. We have all material cut for tomorrow so we can start in the morning with laminating the mold for the rudder and put some masking tape on the deck.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

mounting some hinges

I took a couple of hours free to do some small things. I installed the hinges first with screws but I did not find that was ideal, so I now installed them with some small weld bolts. I glued the door lock rims in place, this is now finished. The locker under the Origo is not fixed yet because of the water hoses what have to be mounted there to. Fetske did sand the sides in cockpit so she can paint Thursday. On the end she painted the dagger board to. I did take a picture of the bottom of the instrument panel locker, you can also see some tape what I used to draw the dimensions of the VHF, it is to much in front and bill be a little bit behind the locker.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

started with the locker for the instrument panel

I forgot to take some pictures today but this is what I did in short. Made a bottom of the locker for the instrument panel, sorted all the bolts and nuts to see what I still need, drill the holes for U-bold what will be used for the diagonal wires under the tramps, cut the floor board of the toilet in two and put some putty on the edges and sanded the lower part of the hull.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

picking up some hardware

I made yesterday a tour to my different suppliers to pick up some hardware. First I picked up the Antal T-locks at A+ rigging and then I went to pickup my outboard motor at the Rijk jachtbouw. Next stop was at my friend Marco from stainlessproducts to pickup some welding bolts, and some aluminum piece. The welding bolt will be used for fixing the hardware on the deck. Marco was also going to order some carbon tubes for me and when he inspected the list he had also a nice present for me in the form of a carbon tube for the genaker pole. This was a broken tube from his catamaran but it was still long enough for my pole. They made the window also in auto cad and that will be used for my supplier for the windows. As last part I went to George Kniest to pick up my instrument panel and some small pieces. On the end of the day I drilled the hole for the T-locks. Today I cut the hole for the instrument panel first, it did take some time to draw the cutting lines. I did put some putty on the edges and in the holes for the T-locks. The toilet needed also some tubes what I glued in place. As last yob I put the hose together where the SP unit is. I only have to connect the cooling pipes for the freezer together.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

started again with the mold of the rudder

Friday I glue some PVC tube in place for the tube of the toilet and in the afternoon when it was dry I did some work on the trailer. Saturday I drilled some holes for the tubes of the pull pit and glued some PVC pipe in and laminated it over with some glass. In the afternoon we went to a meeting of the CTC.
Today I did some tube work in a tide space but with a little warmed I could easier bend the tubes. Fetske did some sand work on the the deck and did help me to make the rim for the dagger board mold, this wood fits around the rudder plug and will be laminated on. Finally Fetske gave the dagger board a layer orange again.