Sunday, June 16, 2013

Longboarding for the first time

I did some longboarding with the new flexcat longboard (used sanding paper 80), I was only foam so it was not that hard work but I think with the putty it will be different. The result looked good after some longboarding and I filled the sames and some lows with putty on one side.

Friday, June 7, 2013

making the float hatch entrance

This week I did buy some hatches so I could make the entrance. I carved out the foam for HD inserts for the various pad eyes and the goiot folding cleat and put it in place with som HD putty.

 I did also some repair work on Thrill Seeker this week, I had some leake on the deck so the balsa had to be carved away and filled with glass and putty because this is a place where the lifting eye is placed.
I painted the rudder also today seen in the background on one of the above pictures.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The taping of the inside for this float is finished

Last week I did some taping of the inside so that is now finished and I put the bow panel and temporary access hole panel  in place. I made also a start with the stern panel.
I had to made the hole for the hatch I little bit smaller because the hatches I had were not strong enough so I did buy another pair on marktplaats.
We did buy also a new multi tool this time a cheap one, for the price of the old one I can buy three of these, it is still a Bosche so I can re-use the blades. I directly used it to cut the foil case, it is now flat with the hull.