Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mirka Deros

I bought myself today a Mirka Deros 650CV sander and I sanded three hour with it with no problem, I had to stop because it was half past seven and I had to eat.  It was almost fun to work with it. It is a very light machine (1kg). The special sanding paper abranet works really good.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Second layer of filler

In the morning I started with sanding and than did some filling on the deck. I did this with micro light and a little micro balloons to give it a different color. After F1 on television I went on with filling the rest of the deck. When that was done I did the nose, beam mounts, the top sides and the top of the after bunks.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

put some filler on the after side and the deck

Yesterday I put some filler on the after side and a second layer on the deck but I had no time to post it. Today I did a lot of sanding of the sides and the deck. I did this with some professional sanders from my neighbor, he has painting business and did give me some advise. The professional sanders make a lot of difference. The deck looks already good, I think it needs one layer of filler on some spots. I forgot to take some pictures.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Little bit of racing and a little bit of building

Saturday we did race with six boats from the CTC and we had very nice weather, 12 knots wind and sunshine. After two small races of 55 minutes we did have a BBQ, fortuned two boats had to go home before eating but we had some drinks together. We should race today but it was raining and almost no wind and the forecast was not good to. So we called it of and went home. We sailed the first part but half way home the wind dropped completely so we motored the last part and we went home to do some work on Thriller. We taped the outside edge of the escape hatch and I finally did some work out again with sanding.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Started again with the water ballast tank

This week I did some sanding of the deck but I made no pictures of it because there is not so much to see. Wednesday I did pick up the beams to bring them home again. They stayed in the storage by my friend Marco's workshop. Today I started with sanding the front deck and when I had enough of it I decided to do the water ballast tank. I first cut out the spaces for the bailers and the I mounted the tubes for the line to operate the bailers. Nico did made them for me so I only had to glue them in. After the lunch I sanded the front so I could give it if a paint layer. After the tea break I did give the water ballast tank a clear coat so that the inside is smooth. As last job I painted the front with a second layer DD paint.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

some more filling

I went an hour earlier home so I could do two hours of filling on the middle sides and the top of the bunks in the cockpit.

Monday, May 16, 2016

put some filler on the under sides

I put some filler on the under sides, this is hard work and I have respect for the guys who do this every day. I first did one side till the back beam bulkhead and in the afternoon the other side and did leave some around the escape hatch because this have to get some tape on the outside. Fetske did clean the floor around the hull and in the afternoon she cleaned the cockpit and did pull some peel ply.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

put a filler on the front

Started with sanding some filler what I did yesterday and what dried a little to quick. The rest was not hard enough to sand. I than started with filling the top of the nose and working me to the back just after the anchor locker, I than did the same on both sides. Then I stopped for lunch and see a thrilling F1 grand prix where Max Verstappen did win as the youngest driver ever. At half past four I went to the shed again to do some filling again. I started on the top again where I did left of and worked to the back to the filling of yesterday. I than did the sides till the port holes.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

put some filler on the deck

I bought some micro light on advice of Gary because he did say it was much lighter than the blue filler I did use. The first badge what I did made was a little too dry so I put some extra epoxy to it. I did use the standard harder but it was still warm in the shed so it dried to quick. The filling was not optimal and I had to throw some away. I decided to do some filling in the inside with the last blue filler I had. There were some spots in the toilet room that were to rough and had some pine holes.
In the afternoon I did fill the rest of the deck started just in front of the sliding hatch to the back. This time I did use a mix of some slow harder and medium harder and made the mix not so dry this time. This time it went much better so I did the entrance bulkhead, cabin floor and a part of the comings. As last filling of the day I did the upper side between the deck and the window. Tomorrow I will do the front of the deck and some more sides.

Friday, May 13, 2016

decided where the window styles have to come

Early this week I started with the brush filler / primer. I bring this on with a roller mainly on the surfaces what I did not do with a filler. Today I did all the leftover surface except the  floor and the sealing. In the afternoon after lunch I decided where the window styles have to come, I drilled small holes in the corners. Now I could see in the inside where the styles will come so I don't have to fill the areas what will be cut out later. When that was done I cleaned the deck so I can fill that tomorrow. On the end I painted the rest with the brush filler.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

some painting again

On the end of the day after work I did the the leftover spaces in the front, dagger board case and the underside of the bunks.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

a bit sailing and a little bit painting

Saturday and Sunday we did sail with Thrill Seeker in nice sunny weather, Thrill Seeker is still for sale. On the end of Sunday we did both some painting, Fetske did the other bunk while I did the front. The inside getting lighter by the time.