Saturday, May 14, 2016

put some filler on the deck

I bought some micro light on advice of Gary because he did say it was much lighter than the blue filler I did use. The first badge what I did made was a little too dry so I put some extra epoxy to it. I did use the standard harder but it was still warm in the shed so it dried to quick. The filling was not optimal and I had to throw some away. I decided to do some filling in the inside with the last blue filler I had. There were some spots in the toilet room that were to rough and had some pine holes.
In the afternoon I did fill the rest of the deck started just in front of the sliding hatch to the back. This time I did use a mix of some slow harder and medium harder and made the mix not so dry this time. This time it went much better so I did the entrance bulkhead, cabin floor and a part of the comings. As last filling of the day I did the upper side between the deck and the window. Tomorrow I will do the front of the deck and some more sides.

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