Wednesday, September 4, 2019

HET races (Henk Eggink Trofee)

Last weekend we had our annual HET races (Henk Eggink Trofee).
They made a nice video from the start of the race on Sunday off group 2.
We had to finish in front of Fuchur a F33 to win the total race because they scored on the Saturday a one and a two and we did score a three and a one.
We had to beat them with +/- 3 minute  to get with rating in front of them and the result was that after calculation we beat them with just two seconds. This was the first race we did get to beat them on rating

Credits to Gary and Casper who made the movi I only had to down size it because the quality was to high and put some sound on it.

Ariella Bijl did shoot some nice pictures.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

rotating mast windsensor

Today I finally had the rotating mast windsensor working, it was a bit off a challenges to calibrate because I had to decipher the manual and had to figure out how to turn (direction) the mast and to set the angle of the sensor. I first thought I had place the windsensor the wrong way but lucky it was setup right (The CV7 sensor must be installed with the “Nord” mark on the bracket aligned to the geographical North for a fix installation on shore and to the bow on a vessel. ) This text was not printed at my sensor but an other CV7.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Rudder sensor

Today we glued a piece of glass fiber on the stern to mount the rudder sensor on. We also glued a piece to the rudder bracket to attache the arm of the sensor on. We had to glue a pipe thru the water ballast tank to get the cable of the senor on the inside. We think that this place of the senor is the best one because it is well protected from line what could ripe it apart.
We made some ventilation holes under the cockpit seats.
I did a trial fit of the razing bars and did line them up with a steel pipe what did go thru the mast base.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Rotating mast sensor

The sensor for the rotating mast is almost ready, I only have to glue a little tube on the mast side to connect the magnet on. This will be done when the mast is up again so that the exact position can be terminated. The sensor on the mast base can be removed. It is hold in its place with 3M duolock.
I made a transport bags for the halyards. The mast has now a support on the front to keep it in the upright position. I installed a 12V / USB wall sock for charging. At the moment I am busy with the rudder sensor, I post some pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Installing the autopilot

Today I finished the connections for the autopilot drive and connected the logic to the power panel.
The only thing what is left is the rudder sensor, I have to look what the safest place is for the sensor.
I ripped out the wood triplex behind the power distribution because there mas mold on it, it looks more clean now. 
I took a picture of the finish fridge with the painted shelf.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Lots of progress

We did do a lot of things but I did forget to post the pictures.
The water tank is finished and we are now busy with the auto pilot.
We paint on some spots.
We placed the guide eyes for the canting mast line more to the outside to get them more in line with the winches.
We wait with installing the solar panels till the last moment because we are doing some things on the deck and want not to harm the panels.
The little play in the rudder post under the traveler is solved.
We made an eye on the center of the pulpit to attache the line for the genaker boom.
I made some straps to tie the lines around the mast.
We are busy to make a support for the mast on the front so it can not role over.
We make some side supports for the mast installation.