Monday, March 28, 2016

Mold for the front entrance rim

My friend Rob did come today to help me to make the mold for the front entrance rim, this rim will be made from four layers of UD carbon. This is to prevent that the front beam bulkhead buckles when the beams presses on it. While Rob was busy making the mold I struggled to get the toilet panel free from its rim. When I finally got it free I started with the wash bowl to get that one of its mold. The result is very good the breakline is hardly to see. We then decided where the holding pump had to come and the hole to the front cabin where it can drop down to the holding tank. I did also some work on the hinges for the side table, they are now ok on the kitchen side, the table still has to be done.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

cutting the hole for the water bowl

Yesterday I had only the morning to do something so I demolded the glue edge for the water ballast tank and I put some packing tape on the glue edge for the toilet bowl so I can put some tape on it and glue it on the top. When it is dry I can take the bowl of it again. In the afternoon we went to a meeting of our multihull club and underway we did pick up a wasted pump so that we can decided how the hoses have to go. Today I cut the hole for the wash bowl, first I did cut the hole to close to the hull wall so I had to re cut and glue the hole. When the glue was dry I routed the top so the bowl is flush with the top. I also routed the kitchen top where the hinges have to come for the side table. I sanded the inside of the bowl so that I could give the bowl a final smooth finish inside. The bowl did also need a extra layer of carbon, I did this under vacuum again.

Friday, March 25, 2016

making the top panel for the wash bowl

I started in the morning with taping the topside of the toilet rim where the top of the toilet panel rest on. I do this so the toilet will be removeable and only hold in place with some screws. After that was done I started with the top panel for the wash bowl to decide how to make it. I than cut it out of a piece of foam and made it fit. In the afternoon I made some glue flanges for the water ballast tank from foam triangles, I glued them in place with PU glue. I then laminated the wash bowl panel to put in a vacuum back and taped the glue flanges for the water ballast tank.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

hose connections

After work I decided to drill some holes for the hose from the holding tank to the valve. I did buy some connection piece this morning, the supplier Rosch marine is not far from my work. I did also buy a T connector, one side goes to the holding tank one side to the valve to the outside and the other one goes to the draining point on the top of the deck. Yesterday I demolded the wash bowl and it looks OK again only some little rough edges, but I fill this with epoxy later when I have cut away the edges.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

making flanges for the holding tank and toilet seat

I started with some frame work for the holding tank and the toilet seat to glue some foam triangles under, they are large fillets to laminate against. I than screwed the frames to the foam so they stay in place when laminating against it. I made also two triangles in the front to support the end panel of the mattress. We than laminated all the flanges with on layer biax. We also put some PVC tubes against  the kitchen locker and laminated them over. As final job we laminated the piece in place of the wash bowl what I did broke and I hope that the brake line will be smooth again.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

more toilet bowl jobs

The result of yesterday's gluing was very good. I drilled the holes for the toilet seat again, I filled the yesterday with putty. I put the seat in place to see how it sits and it sits very comfortable. I am planing the vent on the side. I than had to plan how to do the front, after some fitting some panels I found the right setup. I laminated the back of the front panel and taped it to the top and against the bowl with fast harder. In the afternoon I could round the top front edge. I made also a panel for in the front on the end of the mattress with a tube on top for a soft door between the anchor locker where I also put a tube.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Glued the toilet parts together

I started to trim  the wash boards edges and they fit very nice and are very stiff because of the extra lip what I glued on it to better seal of the edges. I than trimmed the edges of the toilet panel. I now could mark the place where the toilet seat had to come. I drilled some holes where the bolts for the toilet seat have to come and put some glasfiber tubes in it. The hole for the bowl could now be cut out. When I was satisfied with the position of the bowl I routed the top where the bowl have to come so it will be flush with the top of the panel. I than glued them all together with some putty and put some screws in it to hold it in position and flat to wood panel. After a tea break I taped the bowl to the panel and put a tube in the back of the bowl with a extra piece of foam for the water inlet.

Monday, March 14, 2016

wash bowl demolded

I demolded the wash bowl from its mold and that went ok but by removing the peel ply from the outside it went wrong. The carbon was folded back over the peel ply and by removing a little bit to rough I broke a piece out of the bowl. I think I can fix it to place it over the mold again and laminated over the outside and place it under vacuum again.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

finishing the wash boards

I started with making the panel were the toilet bowl will be made in. I made this from some scrap foam panels glued together with PU glue. I cut the edges of the wash boards what I filled with putty with a circle saw. In the afternoon I laminated the edges of the wash boards over with a thin layer carbon to give it some extra protection. Next job was to laminated the panel for the toilet seat in a vacuum back. After a tea break I laminated the wash bowl. I had a old plastic wash bowl what could use as a mold. This time I used a vacuum back. Tomorrow I can unpack to see the result. I place the side table for the kitchen to show how it will be. This one can be folded so it can be used as a backrest.