Friday, March 18, 2016

Glued the toilet parts together

I started to trim  the wash boards edges and they fit very nice and are very stiff because of the extra lip what I glued on it to better seal of the edges. I than trimmed the edges of the toilet panel. I now could mark the place where the toilet seat had to come. I drilled some holes where the bolts for the toilet seat have to come and put some glasfiber tubes in it. The hole for the bowl could now be cut out. When I was satisfied with the position of the bowl I routed the top where the bowl have to come so it will be flush with the top of the panel. I than glued them all together with some putty and put some screws in it to hold it in position and flat to wood panel. After a tea break I taped the bowl to the panel and put a tube in the back of the bowl with a extra piece of foam for the water inlet.

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