Sunday, January 27, 2019

Water tank almost finished

This weekend we connected the hoses to the water tank and we made the air intake for the tank. We only have to put some Sikaflex under the lid and put some bolts in it.
Further we did some various small things like making some straps for the battery to hold it better in place, made a cleat for the dagger board lines. With the line guides we can now winch the lines and with the Spinlock cleat it was not possible because it was not inline. I still have to bolt the line guide in place. We painted the kitchen top and some various parts and scratches, after some cleaning and get some stuff out again it starts to look nice again.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Update on water tank

Yesterday I glue a glass-fiber tube in the thank and glued some other hose fittings on the lid.
Today I glued the lid on the tank with some putty, tomorrow we put some tape on the outside edges.

Sundays update

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The water tank is slowly getting get shaped, I did do over the weeks constantly some small steps.
This weekend I put two layers of special coat for in water tank. Yesterday I placed some line guides on the float bows against shave from the lines for the bow fenders. I laminated also the lid for the water tank (no pictures of it yet). Today we placed a longer swim ladder to get easier out of the water, the other one was a bit short.
We sealed two drain holes for the comings with some putty were we drilled in some holes because the water did stay in there. On the same comings I had to cut some of the corner because the beams did lightly touch there when I fold. Last weekend we complete the shelf in the fridge, only some paint on it.