Sunday, June 29, 2014

outside bottom done

Today we did the outside bottom  with 400gr/m2 we were both a little bit afraid how this was going because we did knew from the inside that it can take long (seven hours) and your back and arms will hurt.
But this time it went very easy and the laminate was very nice laid, without vacuum it was already good.
It took us this time four hours and this was including sealing the vacuum bac. The back of the bottom is left because the foam did bent to the outside because I did not brace this piece. When we put bought halfs together this piece is easier to bent without outside laminate.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ready to go for the outside bottom

Last week we did some maintenance on
Thrill Seeker so we could not do so much on Thriller but that is finished now, so tomorrow we do the outside bottom. Everything is prepared so we only have to mix epoxy and go.

Friday, June 13, 2014

back laminate of the daggerboard case

I did the back of the daggerboard with more vacuum -0,3 a 0,4. I could do it this time better because I blocked the bottom and top of the case. The last time the seams of the vacuum bac ript partially open because it was sucked in the case, but still enough vacuum to get a nice laminate. Saturday and Sunday we have to race with Thrill Seeker, so no building.

update unpacked with peel ply still on

Monday, June 9, 2014

front laminate of daggerboard case

Today we laminated the front of the daggerboard case, we did this with low vacuum -0,3 mbar.
More pressure bents the case too much, tomorrow we unpack the case. I also place the last HD piece for the organiser and put some carbon on the place where the winch is coming. The carbon piece also overlaps the bulkhead. Finally we put some tacky tape so we can laminate the first layer of carbon, we will start with the bottom. We will do it in three stages because the hull is too wide.

update: result looks very nice, now the other side

Friday, June 6, 2014

Window rebate

I rebated the window and it looks very nice, I first screwed the mold on the foam at the right place and the I cut the foam with a stanley knife. I then did the same again but this time with a piece of triplex between the mold to get more room for the laminate and the seland when the window is placed. I rebated the foam to the first cut and the rest was cut away with a stanley knife blade. The result is that you get a nice straight line.
We also put the daggerboard halfs together with one piece of carbon tape so it will stay in place when we do the other laminates with vacuum.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Window design

I did get the window design of the new F33. The template was cut with a waterjet out of triplex. The windows will be flush with the outside, I did use 15mm foam in this area instead of the 12mm. Next thing is too lineout the window on the right place and to rebate the area.