Sunday, January 31, 2016

Laminated the raised floor panel

We started today to laminated the floor panel and as final thing in the morning I glued some HD foam pieces on the floor for the mast support. We also tried out the mattress in the front, they are still in the plastic folie. In the afternoon I sanded the escape hatch edge and clean up a little, the time was limited because Roos and Garry did came to visit us. They made a very nice F36 Noreen.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

started with the tubes for the mast support

In the morning we did go to Thrill Seeker to put the accu's on the net, the owner of the shed did put Thrill Seeker inside so the solar panels don't work any more. I also measured the diameter of the mast support tubes. In the afternoon I first cut the excessive carbon of the escape hatch away. When I had a clean edge I grind the foam away. I then made another rib for the raised floor and glued that one with PU foam to the end. I put three layers carbon around two 40 mm PVC tubes, these will be for the mast support on the stern. Finally I put some putty on the edge of the escape hatch and some corners of the raised floor.

Friday, January 29, 2016

laminated the inside of the escape hatch

I started this morning to to lay some glass on the place where the bailers will come, used glass because the bailers are RVS and I think it is better to isolated them from the carbon. After that I filled the edges of the holding tank inspection port. In the afternoon I first screwed the escape hatch to the hull so I could see were the bolds later will come. I drilled the foam away around the screw holes and I filled them with putty. I then laminated over the inside foam. On the end of the day I glued a rib for the raised floor in place, no picture of this.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

started with the bailers

A took a pair of hours free to make a start with the place where the bailers will come. I grind the inner layer carbon and foam away till I reached the outside carbon layer. I will laminated a pair layer of glass on it so that I have enough body to bold the bailers on. I also sanded the escape hatch top foam edge.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

made some holes in the kitchen top

I took the afternoon free again to get some things done. I first started with the escape hatch to cut the outside edge away to make it flat with the outside of the hull. I than made a triangle shape foam piece to put it on the top of the escape hatch inside and rounded  the edges with a router. When that was done I glue it with putty on the top and hold it in place with some temporary screws. I than focused on the top of holding tank. I routed first the top edge and I than laminated the recess. On the end Frank from More Marine dropped by with some Andersen bailers and a Spinlock ACTU throttle control.

Monday, January 25, 2016

cutting the escape hatch in the hull

I had taken the afternoon free from work to cut the escape hatch in the hull. I first trimmed the edge a little shorter. I then did some trial fitting, when the panel did fit I draw the lines on the hull to cut the hole in the hull. After some sanding the edges with the powerfile the panel did fit nicely. I then glued the panel with some putty in place. I then routed the foam from the holding tank top panel away so that the hatch is almost flat with the top and put some putty on the place where later the bolt will come.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

making the edges for the escape hatch panel

I started with bending a foam strip around the old cutout from the front hatch with two head guns. This old cutout was almost the same diameter what I did need. I put the flat panel with screws on a board with some packing tape on it. I than glued the edge with some PU construction glue. I put some wood pieces on the outside to press the edge to the flat panel. In the afternoon I laminated the inside of this panel. I did also the inspection port to the holding tank top panel. This inspection port has to be lowered to keep it below the surface of the top panel.

Friday, January 22, 2016

did shop for some boat parts

In the morning we went to George Kniest marine shop to pick-up some parts like a Goiot escape hatch, a sink, a Origo 200A stove and a Henderson Inspection hatch for the holding tank.
In the afternoon I started with making some foam panels for both hatches. Further I looked were the sink and the stove had to come. I did not laminated because it was to cold, this weekend the temperature is going up again. This weekend is relative short for me because we have some social things tomorrow afternoon and I have to work on Sunday.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

a little circus act

Today we taped the holding tank, this was a little circus act because I had to hang upside down to tape the underside of the holding tank, in the picture a was relatively high. When that was done I glued and tape the side of the tank in place. We than taped the ribs. In the morning I put some graphite putty on the the sliding rails and I put some battens with tape on it to make a smooth surface.
On the end we did some DD paint on the inside of the sliding hatch so this can be tape in place next time. This all with a pair extra appreciated hands of Fetske.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

started with the holdingtank

My friend Rob did come assist me today with decision making. We started with the holding tank and it was very handy to have some extra hands. I glued the bottom in place while Rob did keep some distance because he is allergic of epoxy. After that was fixed my friend Reijer gave us a visit, with the three of use we decided were the breaker panel had to come. I now can also order that one.

 In the afternoon we started with the floor to make some ribs.While Rob was doing some ribs I started with the top of the sliding hatch to fit some draining holes. Before we did leave I glued the ribs and draining tubes in place.

Friday, January 15, 2016

started with the raised floor

In the morning the sleeping mattress for the front did arrive, maybe we trial fit it this weekend. The first job was to fill the small corner of the locker because the panel was a little short. In the afternoon I started with the edge to put the floor on. and taped the last panel on the outside of the locker.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

laminated the after trampoline lasing tubes

In the morning I prepared the after trampoline lasing tubes and the locker panels. After lunch Fetske did came to assist with laminating the tubes. After that and a tea break Fetske did cut some carbon for the locker and I cut the corner panel to fit. For the last part I didn't need assistance so Fetske did leave.

Update after unpacking