Sunday, January 10, 2016

laminated the after trampoline lasing tubes

In the morning I prepared the after trampoline lasing tubes and the locker panels. After lunch Fetske did came to assist with laminating the tubes. After that and a tea break Fetske did cut some carbon for the locker and I cut the corner panel to fit. For the last part I didn't need assistance so Fetske did leave.

Update after unpacking


  1. Hello Arno,
    Your blog is an almost daily read for me, really nice/light boat you are building...
    For my own boat I also want to use lashing tubes for the trampoline, this is visually the most beautiful option for me. I wonder what kind of tubing you use, and how much layers of carbon will you use to secure it?
    Keep up the good work!
    Jan Peter

  2. Hello Jan Peter,

    I use glasfiber tube an I think is 20 mm outside and I buy it at PTH see suppliers. minimum lenght is 6m.
    I use two layer of 300gr biaxial carbon and at the ends a extra piece of +/- 20 cm