Sunday, February 25, 2018

Trial fitting the foils

Today Rob did come to help me with trial fitting the foils and discussing how to put some constrictors. Yesterday I put some cleats on the boat and some other small stuff, not interesting enough to make pictures. To fit the foils we had to partially fold the floats. This is because there was no hole in the trampoline to put the foil thru. When the foil was in we could see were we had to cut the hole in the trampoline to get the foils out. This all is pessary because when the hole foils it retracted till it reach the trampoline it is still a bit in the case. After that we looked how going to place the constrictors for the canting mast and the rotating genaker boom. For the mast is coming on top of the beam and for the boom under the beam opposite of the other constrictor. On the end of the beam we install some deflector eyes to lead the line to the winches. We only drilled the holes because I had not bolts, eyes and constrictors enough. On the end of the day we made some wooden battens to support the floats on the trailer.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Finished the front nets

I only worked in the afternoon and finished the front nets. I started with drilling holes for the cleats for the dagger board (not finished yet) and as last thing I finished the motor rudder connection, I did not had the right size line so I could not get it through the cleat. So I tight it of on the tube to look if it was working ok and it did it perfectly.

Friday, February 16, 2018

doing the front nets

I started with some small things like the rudder motor connection (no photo's taken yet), some connectors for the solar panels near the battery and the last cotter pins for the folding system. When all that was done I looked at the front nets. I first was thinking they were in the way for clewing the solar panels later but that was no problem. So I started with the starboard side. After the lunch I finished that side and started with the port side, tomorrow I finish that side.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

finished the port main trampoline

I started the morning with the rudder bracket to attache some cleats on it to hold the rudder blade down and the other for the connection to the motor. The last one still needs some finish but I need some other hardware for that. In the afternoon Fetske did come assist me again with the port main trampoline, I already did some work on it in the morning but with the two of us it goes quicker. Now I feel the small lines in my fingers from tightening them, but result is very nice. We only have to burn off the ends off the lines. Before we do the front nets we first clue the solar panels in place what is easier with out them.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

finished the main trampoline on starboard.

We finished the back and main trampoline on the starboard side, in the morning it was cold so that did not work that well if you need your fingers to tighten the small line. In the afternoon it was a little warmer and that was easier with tightening. We already started with the front and the back of the other side so tomorrow we will finish that one as well.

Friday, February 9, 2018

finished the foil sliders

I had only the afternoon to do some thing so bought some bolts and finished the foil sliders and finished one side of the after trampolines by pulling a dynema line true the after side of the net to get more tension.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

finishing small jobs

List with things to do is getting shorter, I mounted some piece glass fiber / carbon on the front and the end of the foil sliders, the bolts to adjust the angle of the foil will be against this. Now I only have to install the bolts to finish this. I then started to work inside because it was cold and in the boat I had a heater on. I mounted there the solar chargers and pulled some wires, I only need some cable clamps to connect the to the battery circuit. In the afternoon I drilled out the holes for the wires of the solar panels. They are now ready to be glued on the deck but I want to wait to get it a little warmer before I do that. After the tea break Fetske did help to lash the back trampolines on the boat and put the dagger board in the trunk and fold the floats to see how easy that was with the nets on, no problem 😊.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

trampoline lashing

Today we had only the morning to do some things so we did some lashing of the trampolines, this time I puled the lashing lines diagonal what worked much better. The starboard side did get much better because this time we lashed the front and the back first and after that the sides. We can get some more stretch out of it later. I walked over it and that did do also some pre-stretching. This is with one line per side but I will also tie the net off with individual lines to be compliant with the offshore special regulations rules. One line per side is a bit risky if it breaks.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Picked-up the trampoline nets

In the morning we picked-up nets that were special made at Van Beelen. I did use some tyraps to get the nets in the right position. I did use a strait stitch but this pulls the trampoline together and make it smaller, so that is no good idea. Later I used a diagonal stitch and that works better, tomorrow we do the other lines the same way. The lines are not completely tension-ed, I will first have all the lines in place.
In the afternoon I worked on the other clutch to position it and drill the holes, after the tea break Fetske helped me with bolting them to the deck.