Sunday, February 4, 2018

finishing small jobs

List with things to do is getting shorter, I mounted some piece glass fiber / carbon on the front and the end of the foil sliders, the bolts to adjust the angle of the foil will be against this. Now I only have to install the bolts to finish this. I then started to work inside because it was cold and in the boat I had a heater on. I mounted there the solar chargers and pulled some wires, I only need some cable clamps to connect the to the battery circuit. In the afternoon I drilled out the holes for the wires of the solar panels. They are now ready to be glued on the deck but I want to wait to get it a little warmer before I do that. After the tea break Fetske did help to lash the back trampolines on the boat and put the dagger board in the trunk and fold the floats to see how easy that was with the nets on, no problem 😊.

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