Sunday, February 25, 2018

Trial fitting the foils

Today Rob did come to help me with trial fitting the foils and discussing how to put some constrictors. Yesterday I put some cleats on the boat and some other small stuff, not interesting enough to make pictures. To fit the foils we had to partially fold the floats. This is because there was no hole in the trampoline to put the foil thru. When the foil was in we could see were we had to cut the hole in the trampoline to get the foils out. This all is pessary because when the hole foils it retracted till it reach the trampoline it is still a bit in the case. After that we looked how going to place the constrictors for the canting mast and the rotating genaker boom. For the mast is coming on top of the beam and for the boom under the beam opposite of the other constrictor. On the end of the beam we install some deflector eyes to lead the line to the winches. We only drilled the holes because I had not bolts, eyes and constrictors enough. On the end of the day we made some wooden battens to support the floats on the trailer.

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