Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy new year

Today Rob did come to help me a hand. We started with the trampoline tubes and this was much easier with the two of us than alone. When we finish routing the tubes we gave the a little sanding with a sanding paper on a tube. The holes are 20 mm wide. We than cut one side of the windows out and went for lunch. After lunch we did the other window side. The next thing was the tubes in the entrance where I put a splash sail in, I do use this also on Thrill Seeker and keeps the boat much dryer and easier accessible. Rob did make a small mold to guide the Multitool so we could easy cut a staid grove in the tube. First we did use a fine blade and after that we use a blade with grid on it to make the grove wider. Rob did smooth the groove with a piece of sanding paper over a rot. In the bottom tube we made a wider entrance for the cloth whit a line in it to enter. Wile Rob was doing that I sanded the windows. In the end we cleaned all the mess we made.

I wish you all a happy new year and a good sailing season.

Friday, December 30, 2016

made a start with cutting side windows and trampoline tubes

I started with looking in the tool shop for a router bit what could cut the trampoline tubes, I could not make up my mind directly what to buy so I first went to the shed to draw a hole on the tube to look if it was big enough. I then marked the places on a tape what I did put on the tube were the holes have to come. I made also a tool for my router where the router slits over on the tube. I sanded the deck before I did get home. On the way home I drove to the tool shop to buy a router bit. In the afternoon I made the first cuts out of the tube. It is handier to do it with two people and the rest have to wait til tomorrow when Rob comes to help and spend new years evening by us. I then did some sanding again but I did find that the primer was not hard enough so I stop with it. Then Fetske did drop by with tea. After the tea break I started with drawing the cutting lines of the windows. I did cut the vertical lines and the tops with a multitool but I left the bottom ones in place so they still are in place so when we cut the tubes tomorrow the most dust stays outside. When the tubes are cut we cut the bottom halves of the windows.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Put a primer on the upper part of the hull

I took the afternoon free from work to put a white primer on the hull. But we first did take a look at a bigger shed for when the middle hull is finished to store it temporary there and to assemble it together. I than have space to finish the floats and bring it back to the original state. This shed we looked at is not warm enough to finish the floats.
After the lunch we first did some sanding work of the blue filler I put on some spots yesterday and we then primed the hole upper part.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Laminating the front of the locker

Yesterday I glue the frond of the locker in place with PU glue. The most of the time went in measuring and fitting. Our dads did came for dinner so I only did a small laminating yob on the cradle before they arrived. I forgot to take pictures.
Today I tape the inside and the outside corners of the locker. I am very satisfied with then result. In the afternoon Fetske did come assist me with sanding the outside upper part of the hull. I think it needs one layer of primer.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Laminating the side panels to the back panel of the kitchen locker

After a slow start, after all it is Christmastime we went to the shed to make the kitchen locker.
First we unpacked the back panel and it looked very good. Wile I made the back panel to dimensions Fetske did some cleanup. I did find some leftover triplex with carbon on both sides, I decided to use it for the sides and the bottom. First I made a paper template of the sides to get the ride curve with help of the back panel. We then glued the panels together with some PU glue. We then went for a quick lunch. The PU glue was dry when we returned, after some scraping of the glue seams we put a putty filled in the corners and tape it all together with some carbon leftovers. After the tea Fetske went home to do some cooking for tomorrow and I did some sanding by hand because the filler was still not dry enough to use a sander, I went early home to get ready for dinner.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Laminating the back panel of the kitchen locker

In the morning we started with the back panel. We did this with vacuum because it get nicely pressed to the hull wile it is drying. With the leftover epoxy I did the ends of the hammerhead. After lunch Fetske dremeld the locker edges and filled them with putty. I did put some blue filler on the outside of the hull to get away the ugly spots.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Started at the deck and kitchen floor again

In the morning I started with sanding the cockpit, deck and kitchen floor. After lunch I did cut a hole in the front of the kitchen. This will be a locker for garbage and some other stuff. I formed some foam direct to the hull what will be the back of a sort of drawer. Tomorrow I put some carbon on it. I then did gave the SP unit some Sikaflex on the inside and opened a hole for some tubes for the fridge. As last job I painted the inside of the fridge and the kitchen floor.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Turned back

Today my friends Rob and Reijer went by to help us turn the boat around. I took us the morning to turn it around and in the afternoon we made the supports to hold the boat level. We did stop early to have some nice dinner what Fetske made and celebrated the turning. I have made a time laps video but I must make it on YouTube and with the new computer I have to find my way again to do it.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ready for turning

Yesterday I glued the SP unit for the fridge in the hull and sanded the bottom. I did also shorten the vertical support webs of the cradle. The after support was a little short so I glued a off-cut from the others to it. The front and the back support will be longer because I bolt them to the existing trailer tubes, the middle ones will be placed on some aluminum profiles. Today I taped the support webs and made some room in the shed so we can turn the boat over tomorrow.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Placed the after support web in place for the cradle

I started the morning with the after support to glue it in place with some putty and make a nice filled in the corners. After some shopping and lunch the filled was a little stronger but still tacky, I tape over it with some glass tapes without harming the filled much. After a tea break we went to the shed to put another layer of paint on the underside, I hope this will be the last one. For next weekend we have plant to turn the boat back again.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Started with the plug for the rudder mold

Yesterday we painted the hole hull so all the blue spots were almost gone, did did little shine thru the paint. I also painted the dagger board for the last time for the moment. I have to decide if I paint it jello or orange. Today we went shopping for some MDF to make a plug for the rudder mold. We did buy some painted MDF because this stays more stable and strait when it is routed. I got this tip from Nico and he got it from Henny. In the afternoon I started with cutting the pieces and to glue them together. One half is made up from 12 mm and 9 mm. Nico did make a nice drawing so I did exactly know what to cut. When that was ready I did another paint layer on the whole boat. The blue spots are hardly to see now and it looks good. Tomorrow I put another layer on it.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Blue spots

I sanded the hole hull to make it smoother for the next layers of paint and you can better see all the low spots, pin holes and scratches. While I was sanding Fetske did marked the spots what did need some attention.
I then put some blue filler on all the spots. In the afternoon I painted the dagger board and some other loose panels and with the rest of the paint I did the back of the hull. I took the painting stuff home to give the tops off the beams also a layer of paint.