Sunday, December 25, 2016

Laminating the side panels to the back panel of the kitchen locker

After a slow start, after all it is Christmastime we went to the shed to make the kitchen locker.
First we unpacked the back panel and it looked very good. Wile I made the back panel to dimensions Fetske did some cleanup. I did find some leftover triplex with carbon on both sides, I decided to use it for the sides and the bottom. First I made a paper template of the sides to get the ride curve with help of the back panel. We then glued the panels together with some PU glue. We then went for a quick lunch. The PU glue was dry when we returned, after some scraping of the glue seams we put a putty filled in the corners and tape it all together with some carbon leftovers. After the tea Fetske went home to do some cooking for tomorrow and I did some sanding by hand because the filler was still not dry enough to use a sander, I went early home to get ready for dinner.

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