Friday, December 30, 2016

made a start with cutting side windows and trampoline tubes

I started with looking in the tool shop for a router bit what could cut the trampoline tubes, I could not make up my mind directly what to buy so I first went to the shed to draw a hole on the tube to look if it was big enough. I then marked the places on a tape what I did put on the tube were the holes have to come. I made also a tool for my router where the router slits over on the tube. I sanded the deck before I did get home. On the way home I drove to the tool shop to buy a router bit. In the afternoon I made the first cuts out of the tube. It is handier to do it with two people and the rest have to wait til tomorrow when Rob comes to help and spend new years evening by us. I then did some sanding again but I did find that the primer was not hard enough so I stop with it. Then Fetske did drop by with tea. After the tea break I started with drawing the cutting lines of the windows. I did cut the vertical lines and the tops with a multitool but I left the bottom ones in place so they still are in place so when we cut the tubes tomorrow the most dust stays outside. When the tubes are cut we cut the bottom halves of the windows.

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