Friday, December 2, 2016

Preparing the bottom

Yesterday morning I sanded the dagger board slot and put a last primer on it. In the afternoon we did pick-up our trailer. It is a second hand one what was to small for my comfort and the axles had to replaced to EU standard.  Today I did find out they did made it to wide, I asked for 2,35 m and they made it 2,53 m.  So it will be brought back in January, and it was no problem. In the meantime I can trial fit the cradle so they can also adjust some support what have to come off.
Today I spend most off the time in preparing the bottom with sanding and cleaning. I also did a trial fit off the dagger board upside down to look if the slot was ok, I had to sand a little away and it now fits. On the end of the day I put some masking tape on the waterline and a tape with some plastic on it to protect the paint from anti-fouling spatters.

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