Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy new year

Today Rob did come to help me a hand. We started with the trampoline tubes and this was much easier with the two of us than alone. When we finish routing the tubes we gave the a little sanding with a sanding paper on a tube. The holes are 20 mm wide. We than cut one side of the windows out and went for lunch. After lunch we did the other window side. The next thing was the tubes in the entrance where I put a splash sail in, I do use this also on Thrill Seeker and keeps the boat much dryer and easier accessible. Rob did make a small mold to guide the Multitool so we could easy cut a staid grove in the tube. First we did use a fine blade and after that we use a blade with grid on it to make the grove wider. Rob did smooth the groove with a piece of sanding paper over a rot. In the bottom tube we made a wider entrance for the cloth whit a line in it to enter. Wile Rob was doing that I sanded the windows. In the end we cleaned all the mess we made.

I wish you all a happy new year and a good sailing season.

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