Saturday, December 10, 2016

Started with the plug for the rudder mold

Yesterday we painted the hole hull so all the blue spots were almost gone, did did little shine thru the paint. I also painted the dagger board for the last time for the moment. I have to decide if I paint it jello or orange. Today we went shopping for some MDF to make a plug for the rudder mold. We did buy some painted MDF because this stays more stable and strait when it is routed. I got this tip from Nico and he got it from Henny. In the afternoon I started with cutting the pieces and to glue them together. One half is made up from 12 mm and 9 mm. Nico did make a nice drawing so I did exactly know what to cut. When that was ready I did another paint layer on the whole boat. The blue spots are hardly to see now and it looks good. Tomorrow I put another layer on it.

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