Monday, February 29, 2016

final filler on toilet bowl mold

I took a few hours off to spend some time on the toilet bowl mold. First I sanded it with a electric sander. I realised yesterday that I didn't need the rim of the original mold but only the bowl. I had filled the edge with putty to get the rest level. I now have cut away the rim and scraped of the putty so that I now have nice flat surface. As last I put a thin layer of putty on the foam to fill the imperfections. Further I did some small jobs like sanding and scraping some edges, making a foam panel for the raised toilet floor out of some small pieces glue together with PU glue.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

started with the raised floor for the toilet room

I started with the washboard to make it fit. It stays in one piece till it is laminated, it will be cut in three eagle parts later. When that was finished I started to make foam edges for the raised floor in the toilet room and glue them with PU glue to the sides. In the afternoon we laminated the edges over with some carbon. The next job was the top panel of the kitchen locker, we laminated this front and back. I finally sanded with a small longboard the toilet bowl almost round, it have to put some putty on it to get some imperfections away but that is for the next time.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

extended the kitchen locker

I made the kitchen locker a little bit bigger to glue some foam to the horizontal panel. When the glue was dry I glue another one to the front to get a upstanding panel. As last I glued a panel to the roof.  I than started to made the entrance to the front a little smaller because the mattress is well above edge so I raised that 10 cm, still below the mattress edge. As last for the morning I cut some of the panel what is under the mattress. This piece I glued to the side, the rest will be a loose panel to access the room underneath it. I will put a water bag there.
In the afternoon we we first taped the front panel to the side, we then moved to the kitchen locker and laminated the blank foam over. We did not do the top because we had to put some extra putty there to glue it to the roof to fix it. I than made some HD putty to fill some foam edges in the entrance. As last glue job we did the entrance to the front, Fetske went home will I made a start with the washboard.

Friday, February 26, 2016

taped the other stair step rest

I started today to make the bowl mold round to glue some foam piece to it with some PU glue. I extended the side panel of the kitchen locker so that a little fordable side table can rest to it and will than be a backrest. I put a PVC tube on it to get a nice rounded edge. I will make the locker also a little bigger to extend it to the front, but that is for later. In the afternoon Fetske did come to assist me with some taping work. We started in the front to put some tape on the outside of the holding tank and we than moved backwards to the extended kitchen side panel. I had glued a PVC tube on the back of the panel were the stair step will rest on. This was still drying so we skipped that for the moment and did the edges of the raised floor panel. After that was done we moved back to the inside to do stair step rest and the edge of the panel. When I had to put some putty in the corners I did also the toilet bowl mold with some putty.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

started with the carbon toilet bowl

I started with the top rim of the carbon toilet bowl, when this is finished I can make the bowl mold fit for the rim. Further did I laminated one support of the stair step over with a layer of carbon and I laminated the underside of the foam piece between the kitchen top and the hand holds. I made also a picture of the toilet entrance with the plastic removed from the edges.

Update after demold

Sunday, February 21, 2016

shaping the toilet entrance

I started with placing the lower step, it sits very tight so have to cut some off later. The little pieces still have to get some carbon but are already strong enough to stand on. I did some little work on the mold for the top off the toilet and I can put some packing tape on it for laminating later. I then glued some pieces of foam together to fill the underside of the toilet entrance, the same I did for the top to get a nice rounding. I glued this with some PU foam in place before lunch. After the lunch we glued a PVC pipe in place, This pipe will be used to hold the soft door. When that was dry we started with some putty to fill all the holes and edges and laminating over it.
Fetske did cut a the carbon wille a was busy so that saves a lot off time.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Taped the outside sliding hatch cover

I started  the morning with making the lower step to fit between the panels. When that was done I made two pieces were the lower step will rest on and glued them to the panels. In the afternoon I made the floor panel fit, I had to grind some foam away were the tube comes out of the floor. I than started with some taping work, I taped the outside of the sliding hatch cover, the ride front side of the kitchen panel, the end of the raised floor edge and one side of the raised floor panel.

Friday, February 19, 2016

taped the front panel of the kitchen

I decided to fill the space between the stairs and the kitchen with a small piece of foam this gives some more space on the kitchen top. It is not good to see in the picture because I was in a hurry to take the picture. After cutting the foam I rounded some edges and started with taping the inside of the front panel. As final job I taped the outside edges and the extra foam piece. I could not do the underside of the foam piece and right side of the front panel because I had to lunch and get to my work to do some extra work there.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Glued the kitchen front panel in place

In a pair spare hours I made the front panel fit, I had to grind some foam away where the tube sits for the wash water hose and rounded the side edge. When the panel did fit nicely I glued it with some putty and screwed it in place on the bottom and the sides. The top was held in place with some clamps.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

water tube under raised floor

I made a tube from the side where the isotherm SP fridge will come to the kitchen. In this tube will come a hose for wash water. I will connect this hose with a T piece to the SP thru-hull fitting the other side will go to the toilet. The pipe under the floor is tape over with some carbon. I laid some extra carbon in the corner where it come out of the floor before it goes in the kitchen. In the corner I put some foam so if there comes water over the floor it will not be trapped in the corner.
We taped the flans were the the kitchen will we glued on, on the vertical bottom half we made some flans to, the rest is easy resealable from the top.
We laminated the first stair step so this can be fit when the kitchen panel is fit.
The top of the sliding hatch is now glued to the deck it still need some tape on the edges later.
I finally decide to spend some little time on the carbon toilet mold. I glue them to some multiplex end grind ed off some edges. I will first prepare the top, this mold was taken from the Lavac of Thrill Seeker and has the right shape. I can the see how it is going. If this goes well I will prepare the bowl, this must be a little bit reshaped because it is oval and must be more rounded so the top will fit, but that is for later.