Sunday, February 21, 2016

shaping the toilet entrance

I started with placing the lower step, it sits very tight so have to cut some off later. The little pieces still have to get some carbon but are already strong enough to stand on. I did some little work on the mold for the top off the toilet and I can put some packing tape on it for laminating later. I then glued some pieces of foam together to fill the underside of the toilet entrance, the same I did for the top to get a nice rounding. I glued this with some PU foam in place before lunch. After the lunch we glued a PVC pipe in place, This pipe will be used to hold the soft door. When that was dry we started with some putty to fill all the holes and edges and laminating over it.
Fetske did cut a the carbon wille a was busy so that saves a lot off time.


  1. Hi Arno. I'm the owner of an Outrigger 26 ( & Would you know one that sails in the Netherlands. I'd like to get in touch with his owner (Klaas?). Could you tell me how to reach him? Thanks! Hervé.

  2. Hi Hervé,

    I know the boat and is from Klaas Parel, I don't put his E-mail address here so you have to E-mail me to get it.

    1. I would be happy to do that but I haven't seen your e-mail or a contact form on this blog :-(

  3. You have to look in your E-mail, I send the information before I have now sent it for the second time to you

  4. This is weird. I didn't get anything in any of my mailboxes. Did you try waloo85 at gmail dot com ? Thanks. Hervé

  5. Great improvement. I would love to see the before and after photos! Toilet products with high quality are seen here: online plumbing supplies australia

  6. John, I am still not finished in the toilet, I have to put some filler on the panels before I can finish the wash bowl and toilet. I put some plastic on the wash bowl to keep it clean. Yesterday I bought some blue filler again so I can do some spots on the inside. A bit patience.