Friday, February 26, 2016

taped the other stair step rest

I started today to make the bowl mold round to glue some foam piece to it with some PU glue. I extended the side panel of the kitchen locker so that a little fordable side table can rest to it and will than be a backrest. I put a PVC tube on it to get a nice rounded edge. I will make the locker also a little bigger to extend it to the front, but that is for later. In the afternoon Fetske did come to assist me with some taping work. We started in the front to put some tape on the outside of the holding tank and we than moved backwards to the extended kitchen side panel. I had glued a PVC tube on the back of the panel were the stair step will rest on. This was still drying so we skipped that for the moment and did the edges of the raised floor panel. After that was done we moved back to the inside to do stair step rest and the edge of the panel. When I had to put some putty in the corners I did also the toilet bowl mold with some putty.

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