Saturday, February 27, 2016

extended the kitchen locker

I made the kitchen locker a little bit bigger to glue some foam to the horizontal panel. When the glue was dry I glue another one to the front to get a upstanding panel. As last I glued a panel to the roof.  I than started to made the entrance to the front a little smaller because the mattress is well above edge so I raised that 10 cm, still below the mattress edge. As last for the morning I cut some of the panel what is under the mattress. This piece I glued to the side, the rest will be a loose panel to access the room underneath it. I will put a water bag there.
In the afternoon we we first taped the front panel to the side, we then moved to the kitchen locker and laminated the blank foam over. We did not do the top because we had to put some extra putty there to glue it to the roof to fix it. I than made some HD putty to fill some foam edges in the entrance. As last glue job we did the entrance to the front, Fetske went home will I made a start with the washboard.

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