Monday, April 30, 2018

slowly getting ready

The last week I did re-cut the top of the main with my sail maker so that it could be hoisted higher and now it is ok. We did found an old lazy-bag from Thrill Seeker what we could use temporary, this one has no ventilation on the bottom and is a little on the short side but for now it is ok. We are making a new one what will be a little longer and some ventilation on the bottom. Last weekend we did sleep for the first time on the boat and the bed is very good. I am still sorting out how to guide the various lines. The jib need some attention too, the clew board is to small I think to trim it properly, I think I have to make a bigger one. We also did a test sail with the two of us and with the lazy bag it is much easier to drop the sail.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Jib almost ready

My sail maker almost finished the jib. The material did just arrive on Monday short after I left the door. He started directly with making the then jib and today it is almost finished. He did make very long days till deep in the night. Friday we put the clew board in place. Tonight I cut the clew board out of a plate of carbon what I made for this and finished it with a clear coat epoxy. The clamp for the mast foot to lower the mast is now finished to.

Monday, April 16, 2018

putting the cushions in place

Saturday we took some cushions to the boat and today I did take the mattress to the boat. I also installed the foils on its place so that the back is lighter. The boat is now more level on its water line.
In the morning I went to my sail maker to design the jib, now this can be made to as the cloth arrives.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

first sail

Today we had to bring Thrill Seeker for the new owner to the south of the country and putt it in the water so we did noting for Thriller.
Friday Rob helped me with some things to get the boat ready and Fetske made a temporary sail cover so that the sail can stay on. I first had not the idea that the boat did get ready for a sail but on the end of the day we decided that we give it a go for the Saturday. Rob took a jib from his boat and it almost did fit, the clew was a little to long to we good not go sharp on the wind. It was a light wind but she did sail really well with a top speed of 12,5 kn and the jib track worked flawless. The boat is laying a bit on its back because the foils were still on the cockpit floor (+/- 60 kg) and the there were no cushions and mattress inside, I think it will come more level later. The main could not completely hoisted to the top, we have to cut some more out on the top and we have to do some work on the out-hall to make that better fit. On the end off the day we had a good feeling over the boat and Fetske did fell comfortable about the boat. Tomorrow I am going to make the connectors for the cables and other small jobs.

Friday, April 13, 2018

trial fitting the mainsail

Yesterday we trial fitted the mainsail with my sail maker, it looked very good. We did came to the conclusion that the rake of the mast was to much, we corrected that today. We did also not have a good main halyard  because that was coming today. The line we did have was to thick for the clutch so we had to thy the main with a nut. But it looked already good. We did take some measured for the jib so that this can be made also. Today I worked with Rob on the boat to correct some things and fitting some blocks at the mast base, I did not taken pictures of it. Tomorrow we hoop to get to sail a bit with a jib from Rob.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

canting the mast

The boom was placed  yesterday while I was at the sail makers workshop to put the signs and numbers in the sail. We place also the sail batten pockets and sliders. Today the battens did arrive so the sail can be pick up. Fetske and I did go to the boat again to finish the canting system of the mast and some other small things I can't remember, we had luck with the weather the sun was shining. The canting system works ok as you can see in the picture. On the end of the day we did get the boat to its home harbor Medemblik were we finish the rest of the small jobs like mounting foot blocks, cables for the mast lights and VHF.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Getting the mast up

Today all the lines were made in the mast and on the end of the day the mast was put on the boat. We put the mast up with a temporary for-stay because I am still waiting on my furler and frond stay what will come later.

cascade for canting mast

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Friday, April 6, 2018

Main sail almost ready

Next week the battens will come for the mainsail and we then can put the hardware on the sail like batten cars.

Monday, April 2, 2018

fixing the dagger board

Yesterday we did come to the conclusion that the dagger board did not go down the full length. The water slot in the case must be the problem, I could not test this during the build because my shed was not that wide. Today we lifted the boat out of the water to see were it could stuck. With the power sander we sanded some of the edges were there was not room enough. After that the dagger board  could be pulled down completely, from the bottom to the tip is 1,77 meter. The top of the waterline to the bottom is 48 cm. We  now can calculate later the reel depth.