Monday, April 30, 2018

slowly getting ready

The last week I did re-cut the top of the main with my sail maker so that it could be hoisted higher and now it is ok. We did found an old lazy-bag from Thrill Seeker what we could use temporary, this one has no ventilation on the bottom and is a little on the short side but for now it is ok. We are making a new one what will be a little longer and some ventilation on the bottom. Last weekend we did sleep for the first time on the boat and the bed is very good. I am still sorting out how to guide the various lines. The jib need some attention too, the clew board is to small I think to trim it properly, I think I have to make a bigger one. We also did a test sail with the two of us and with the lazy bag it is much easier to drop the sail.

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