Sunday, April 15, 2018

first sail

Today we had to bring Thrill Seeker for the new owner to the south of the country and putt it in the water so we did noting for Thriller.
Friday Rob helped me with some things to get the boat ready and Fetske made a temporary sail cover so that the sail can stay on. I first had not the idea that the boat did get ready for a sail but on the end of the day we decided that we give it a go for the Saturday. Rob took a jib from his boat and it almost did fit, the clew was a little to long to we good not go sharp on the wind. It was a light wind but she did sail really well with a top speed of 12,5 kn and the jib track worked flawless. The boat is laying a bit on its back because the foils were still on the cockpit floor (+/- 60 kg) and the there were no cushions and mattress inside, I think it will come more level later. The main could not completely hoisted to the top, we have to cut some more out on the top and we have to do some work on the out-hall to make that better fit. On the end off the day we had a good feeling over the boat and Fetske did fell comfortable about the boat. Tomorrow I am going to make the connectors for the cables and other small jobs.


  1. Wow, first sail. Congratulations it looks really light

  2. Thanks I think it will be much quicker when the new jib arrives and when the main can be more trimmed