Sunday, July 28, 2013

Started with foil collar slide

Yesterday we had a code red for the weather so no sailing. I made some holes for the hatch fasteners and filled them with glas and micro balloons. When the float is laminate on the outside there will be on thin layer where the hatch is so the filled holes and edge will be covered. Today I started with foil collar slide you can also see this with Nico's his F85. With the rest of the epoxy I made some filler to fill some low spots around the chainplate.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Inside hatch rim lamination

Our first plan for the weekend was to go with some other tri's to go to the Waddenzee but the weather what looked good in the begin of the week turned to nod so good. So we change plan to not go sailing on friday and make an other trip on saturday and sunday. So I thought what can we do on Thriller and I then realised that I had to do the inside hatch rim, first I had the plan to do it with vacuum but after an half an our struggling with the tackytape I gave up and did an ordinary hand layup. After drying it did not look bad and the hatch still fits.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stern laminate

Today I did laminate the stern so we almost there to do the rest of the outside. At the moment it is hot and I had to laminate quick. Before we can do the outside I have to do some shopping for Epoxy resin and some other materials but my supplier will be back next week from vacation.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bow fittings

Last weekend I laminated the bow and some tubes on it, the upper one is for a line where I can put a bal fender on like on Thrill Seeker. The other tube is for the side stays of the gennaker pole. The nose will be put on in a later stage because there is not room enough for it at the moment, shaped some foam of the front so the nose can be later put on it without some extra fairing of bow laminate. I did also some farring of the keel line and the stern. At this moment only the stern needs some small pieces of  laminate before we can do the complete outside.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back to business

The holiday is over, we arrived last sunday from Croatia where we did have 3 wonderful weeks of sailing.

Before I have to go to real work I was this week still free.
The monday I started with some longboarding and filling the other side, tuesday I did some little longboarding again and put some antifouling on the front of Thrill Seeker and in the afternoon we put Thrill Seeker in the water in his home port. Wednesday and today I did some serious longboarding and filling some low spots. With the longboarding I can lose some weight from the vacation ;-) I started the longboarding with grid 80 but tuesday I switched to grid 40 and that goes very well. On the end of the day I put some carbon on the beam areas and blocked the inspection holes with one layer of carbon so I can easier put the vacuum back on it for the outer layer. The hadges hole was also done with one layer of 250 so I can put the tacky tape on and later put another one over this one and the outside.