Friday, July 26, 2013

Inside hatch rim lamination

Our first plan for the weekend was to go with some other tri's to go to the Waddenzee but the weather what looked good in the begin of the week turned to nod so good. So we change plan to not go sailing on friday and make an other trip on saturday and sunday. So I thought what can we do on Thriller and I then realised that I had to do the inside hatch rim, first I had the plan to do it with vacuum but after an half an our struggling with the tackytape I gave up and did an ordinary hand layup. After drying it did not look bad and the hatch still fits.


  1. Hi Arno,

    Try using double bias with the threads that hold it together running from the outside to inside ie not the way that it holds together or you cut normally to make tape. I have found that it can lay around the hatch openings really easily.
    Then apply the peel ply on the straight edges lapping from outside to in and then the corners with small strips. Works a treat and is heaps lighter than fill.


  2. Hi Andrew,

    I don't fill the edge, the first laminate is going from the inside to the outside. The second is going from out to inside and overlap in the middle. The outside laminate now is a 200 gr laminate, I use that to put the tackytape on for the outside laminate. After that I put the last 200 gr laminate on it so it overlaps the other one and going from outside to inside.
    Thanks for the support.