Sunday, February 14, 2016

water tube under raised floor

I made a tube from the side where the isotherm SP fridge will come to the kitchen. In this tube will come a hose for wash water. I will connect this hose with a T piece to the SP thru-hull fitting the other side will go to the toilet. The pipe under the floor is tape over with some carbon. I laid some extra carbon in the corner where it come out of the floor before it goes in the kitchen. In the corner I put some foam so if there comes water over the floor it will not be trapped in the corner.
We taped the flans were the the kitchen will we glued on, on the vertical bottom half we made some flans to, the rest is easy resealable from the top.
We laminated the first stair step so this can be fit when the kitchen panel is fit.
The top of the sliding hatch is now glued to the deck it still need some tape on the edges later.
I finally decide to spend some little time on the carbon toilet mold. I glue them to some multiplex end grind ed off some edges. I will first prepare the top, this mold was taken from the Lavac of Thrill Seeker and has the right shape. I can the see how it is going. If this goes well I will prepare the bowl, this must be a little bit reshaped because it is oval and must be more rounded so the top will fit, but that is for later.

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