Sunday, March 27, 2016

cutting the hole for the water bowl

Yesterday I had only the morning to do something so I demolded the glue edge for the water ballast tank and I put some packing tape on the glue edge for the toilet bowl so I can put some tape on it and glue it on the top. When it is dry I can take the bowl of it again. In the afternoon we went to a meeting of our multihull club and underway we did pick up a wasted pump so that we can decided how the hoses have to go. Today I cut the hole for the wash bowl, first I did cut the hole to close to the hull wall so I had to re cut and glue the hole. When the glue was dry I routed the top so the bowl is flush with the top. I also routed the kitchen top where the hinges have to come for the side table. I sanded the inside of the bowl so that I could give the bowl a final smooth finish inside. The bowl did also need a extra layer of carbon, I did this under vacuum again.

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