Saturday, March 12, 2016

filling edges of panels

Yesterday I laid a piece of carbon in the bowl where I did cut it and painted the inside with some epoxy to fill the rough spots. I filled the edges of the tables and the washboard. I did also some shopping for a toilet seat and a pump. Today I sanded the bowl on the inside again to painted it again with some epoxy. I cut the edges of the tables on the circle saw to get nice strayed edges. I then cut the washboard in three piece and filled the tops and bottoms with putty. We laid a new piece of carbon on the edge on the raised floor because the other one was not good and had to much air bubbles. The locker in the front did get the final pieces of carbon tape. Yesterday I filled the edges of the front locker so they are also done. We maybe putting a carbon pole in the kitchen, for now it is a paper roll.

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