Sunday, March 6, 2016

laminated the front lockers

I started with to make the raised floor panel for the toilet to make it fit again but a forgot to take a picture. With the panel in place the floor looks a lot bigger and more comfortable. I then did some sanding and grinding of the front lockers while Fetske did some cutting of carbon and peel ply. In the afternoon we started with the toilet bowl to lay some tape and putty on the thru hull fitting, we layed also a small strip along the to of the bowl rim to make it smoother, It had some rough edge. This tape is behind the rim what will be glued later on. This was a small job and I am glad that we did this first because the next job, the lockers did take a while. The lockers are not big but they have nasty little corners you can reach badly. But on the end of the day they are almost finished, I only have two tapes to do and fill the edges with putty. I lay now on the couch to give back some rest.

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