Wednesday, September 4, 2019

HET races (Henk Eggink Trofee)

Last weekend we had our annual HET races (Henk Eggink Trofee).
They made a nice video from the start of the race on Sunday off group 2.
We had to finish in front of Fuchur a F33 to win the total race because they scored on the Saturday a one and a two and we did score a three and a one.
We had to beat them with +/- 3 minute  to get with rating in front of them and the result was that after calculation we beat them with just two seconds. This was the first race we did get to beat them on rating

Credits to Gary and Casper who made the movi I only had to down size it because the quality was to high and put some sound on it.

Ariella Bijl did shoot some nice pictures.


  1. Hello! I am studying materials for the construction of the F-32 trimaran. In my country, no one has ever built such boats. I want to calculate the construction budget and find out the availability of materials. I want to ask you to send a list of materials from the project.


  2. Hi Nikilay,

    Drawings and plans are no longer sold and you can better buy a second hand F32 because that is cheaper, at the moment there is a F32 available for 99.000 euro.
    You can also join the Farrier forum to get more info about these boats.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Arno,

      This is a really good price per boat.
      But still too high a lump sum for me.
      At least 3 sets of f-32 plans are available on ebay.
      As for the overall cost of construction, it is highly dependent on the country, customs policy and the materials produced in it.

      Now we have on sale commercially-made trimarans for the Scarab 22 project. For them they ask for 10,000 € .. And this is a new boat. This is certainly not f-32 ... But the difference between them is not 10 times.

      I am looking for a sheet of materials to soberly calculate the estimate, add 20-30% there and decide: is it possible for me or not.

      P. S.
      I made a mistake in my name)))

  3. Hi Nikilay,

    I did sent you a E-mail with a zipfile with two pictures from the material list.