Saturday, February 11, 2017

picking up some hardware

I made yesterday a tour to my different suppliers to pick up some hardware. First I picked up the Antal T-locks at A+ rigging and then I went to pickup my outboard motor at the Rijk jachtbouw. Next stop was at my friend Marco from stainlessproducts to pickup some welding bolts, and some aluminum piece. The welding bolt will be used for fixing the hardware on the deck. Marco was also going to order some carbon tubes for me and when he inspected the list he had also a nice present for me in the form of a carbon tube for the genaker pole. This was a broken tube from his catamaran but it was still long enough for my pole. They made the window also in auto cad and that will be used for my supplier for the windows. As last part I went to George Kniest to pick up my instrument panel and some small pieces. On the end of the day I drilled the hole for the T-locks. Today I cut the hole for the instrument panel first, it did take some time to draw the cutting lines. I did put some putty on the edges and in the holes for the T-locks. The toilet needed also some tubes what I glued in place. As last yob I put the hose together where the SP unit is. I only have to connect the cooling pipes for the freezer together.

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