Sunday, February 26, 2017

Painted the under side

In the morning my dad did come by to look at the boat, so I started a bit later. I drilled out some holes were the glass fiber tubes were placed. I than wanted to place some winches but did come to the conclusion that my bold were to big to fit in the plastic buses. I had M8 and it must be M6. So that have to be done later. I also had not the right bits and bolts and we decided it was time for lunch. After the lunch we glued the back of the rudder mold with piece of scrap foam, I had a lot and most of it is gone now. After the drying of the PU glue we filled the the holes with PU foam, this time the PU foam could rise. The last yob for the day was the final layer of paint on the underside, this was not good so it had to be done ones.

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