Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mounting the beam mount hardware

I started with the rudder mold to loosen it from the table, getting it loos from the was not so big problem and the plug went out also smooth but then I saw that the PU foam had pushed the plug out of the mold and that that the profile was not OK anymore. We decided to get the back planks of to see if we could still salvages the mold. Luckily when the back came of with some fores the profile did come back again. I now have to make a different solution. On the end of the day we made some sides to the mold. This gives more stability and we put some foam in it tomorrow but this time I let it rise free with noting on top. After clearing the mold we clued some glass fiber tubes in place. In the afternoon we glued the beam mount hardware in place. All the small things take some time to do and on the end of the day you think is this all we have done

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