Sunday, October 29, 2017

Painted the cockpit floor

Fetske started with cleaning the floor from all the dirt spots and I drilled some holes threw the carbon of the remote tiller tube. We did need the tiller tube to mask the floor so that there is no anti slip under it. I than drilled the holes for the U-bolts to support the trampoline wires in the corners, there is a lot tension on the corners and the U-bolts take some off it over from the tubes. After I cut them to length Fetske did help to install them. In the mean time Fetske was masking the floor. In the afternoon I installed the shore power connector and worked the cable away in the top corner with some ti-reps. After the tea brake I helped Fetske with the masking tape and Fetske did prepare the painted. As last job Fetske did paint the floor.

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