Sunday, October 8, 2017

Compression pads

Friday morning I sanded the beam ends a little and gave them another layer of paint. In the afternoon I went to the south of the country for doing the Antwerp race with Jan from the Trinamiet. This race was on Saturday morning so we went the day before and sleep at his home. We had to get up early in the morning because we had to pass a lock and to make the boat ready. At the other end of the lock Paul was already waiting to get on board to. We had a good race with lots of wind and we did 4 hours and 49 seconds over the course. After the finish we sailed directly back. To a harbor halfway the course. We arrived at half past eight and we then did have some dinner. We did leave Jan and his wife at the boat and we went back home. When we did get home it was already past midnight and I was really very tired of the long day and intense sailing. Today we did not get up that early, my body had a bit mussel pain, I was not used to racing anymore, hope to do some more next year. In the morning I glued some bolts in the beam compression pad with some special glue. In the afternoon I made a plate out of some layer glass fiber. These I use to cutout some compression sims for on the compression pads.

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