Saturday, January 21, 2017

Drilling holes for tubes

Today I started with the rudder plug to sand it and give it a layer of primer. But before I could prime it I had to warm the shed more because it was only 6 grade Celsius at that time. So I decided to drill some holes for the water tube and the holding tank tube. The tube for the water had to go true the locker so every bottom of the locker had to be drill true. I did some trial fit of the tube and it looks OK now, I only have to seal the foam with some epoxy. In the afternoon I drilled the holes for the escape hatch, the mast base. I glued on the back were the hinges are some little triplex piece to give the crews more holding ground. As last thing I drilled the holes for the locker hinges. some were in between I put also a filler on the rudder plug.

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