Sunday, January 8, 2017

small jobs

Today I did a lot of small things, it does not look much but takes a lot of time. I started with looking at the clear coat from yesterday and it looks rely good, it needs an other layer of it to finish, but it is still to soft to sand it light. I then drilled some holes to hang the fridge module on the top with some screws. This was temporary because the inside needs another layer of paint. Fetske did come a little later and did some sanding of the primer by hand. The primer is not hard enough to do some more sanding. In the afternoon I started with drilling holes for the main sheet traveler. We then made a grove in the tube of toilet entrance so a soft door can be placed in the grove. On the end we painted the inside, there were still some places left what did need some paint. Still not finished because we could not do every thing others we did toughs the paint.

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