Saturday, January 28, 2017


Yesterday we did some shopping and get our trailer again. Today I did some small things like trial fitting hoses and making a rest for the foot pump and a hole in the front of the kitchen. This hole will we partial sealed. The hole had to be so big to fit the foot paddle through it and to turn the pump. We also place the cradle outside on the trailer and the front panel has to be a little smaller.
After the lunch I started with the trailer, after some cutting of the frond rest I could measure the wide of the aluminum strips I have to order to bold the cradle to the trailer. After the tea break I went to shed again and did some putty in some holes and started sanding of the rudder plug. Fetske did some sanding of the side of the hull so we can paint that tomorrow. I routed the lock a bit deeper in the anchor locker so it can better grip the underside. On the end I sanded the dagger board also with 320 and gave the plugs and the rudder a nice collar orange.

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