Sunday, January 15, 2017

Started with the rudder plug

Yesterday morning I drilled some holes and mounted some hinges and some other small stuff. In the afternoon Nico and some friends from sailing did come for a dinner with us and Nico brought a nice percent in the form of a routed MDF rudder plug. It has the form in steps of 0,6 mm so I don't have to sand much. Today I started with the plug and Fetske did sand the hull. I draw some lines in the corners of the routed edges. This was a trick of Nico so you can better see with sanding if you are there. Drawing the lines did almost take more time than the sanding. I think I sanded the plug in form in 15 minutes per half. When that was finished I started helping Fetske with sand the hull. In the afternoon we cleaned the sanded hull to put another layer of paint on it. I also did put some paint on the MDF, but that was sucked in the MDF. If that is dry I can put some filler on some imperfections the router did made and the screw hole.


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